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Make The Most Out Of Your Shredder

If you currently own a paper shedder then I am pretty sure that you would want your paper shredder to be at its optimal performance day in day out.

If this is the case then you must look after your paper shredder. Just like any mechanical equipment care and attention is required in order for it have a longer lasting shelf life and for the shredder to work at its best. A poorly maintained shredder can cause the shredder to be less efficient and even worse… It can completely destroy your paper shredder. With shredders that range from hundreds of pounds I highly doubt that you would be looking forward to this outcome.

shredder maintenance

This is why shredder maintenance should not be ignored.

One of the key steps to maintaining your shredder is to oil your shredder regularly. Just like any mechanism that involves metal and motors, paper shredders blades need oiling too so they work smoothly and efficiently allowing you to shred through your documents with ease. The best way to go by oiling your shredder is through shreddable oil pouches. These pouches are specifically designed to place directly into the shredder and shredded just like any standard document you would shred. The oil is then transferred from the pouches onto the  blades lubricant them just enough to keep them friction free. You cam also purchase shredder oil that you can drip on to the blades and continue shredding like you would.

Shredder maintenance is ideal in order for your shredder to work efficiently, happy shredding!

The Guide To Buying A Paper Shredder

The world of paper shredders can be a wild and confusing one due to the wide range of prices and features, we have put a lot of thought into this guide to truly make your paper shredder purchase an easy one, wether it is your first or your next. What you will find in this guide is what we think you should consider when purchasing a paper shredder. This guide should allow you to purchase the ideal paper shredder for your needs.


So the very first step and we believe is the most important one is to know what you will be using the shredder for. pict--paper-shredder-office-pictograms---vector-stencils-library.png--draw-diagram-flowchart-example
This may seem obvious but it is something you should take into consideration. Are you shredding paper? Cardboard? And so on…

The second step is what will you be shredding mainly in terms of documentation, paperwork etc. 
This step is very similar to the first step and they somewhat interlink. Will you be shredding general junk advertisements and general office paper work or will you be shredding very confidential important documentation.

The third step would be choosing the right security level.
Shredders come in a range of different security levels. 7 in fact, 1 being the lowest and 7 being the highest. As you can imagine the price varies with how low or high the security level is. An ideal paper shredder for anyone is a P-4 security shredder. It is ideal for all purposes, anything above is mainly used for federal or military uses. For an in depth breakdown of the security levels please click here, it is a post we previously covered.

The fourth step would be where you plan on using this shredder.
Will you be using it at home? Will you be using it at an office? If so then you may have to purchase one with silent shred technology to reduce the noise a shredder makes.

The fifth step would be how often do you would like to use it.
If you are using it generally just to shred a bit of junk every now and then, you will be fine with a lower budget shredder but if you plan on using it for long sessions at a time on a daily basis you will need a shredder that can keep up!


And there you have it! Our hand picked guide to help you find the perfect shredder with ease.

Make Sure Your Paperwork Is Secure

If you have paperwork that includes your personal information or information that is significant to someone else be sure that your documentation is disposed of correctly and safely.

Many people tend to buy a paper shredder and continue to shred important documentation and are completely unaware of the security levels the shredder is at. The security levels are very important when it comes to making sure your paperwork is secure. It is also important you educate yourself with the paper shredders security levels and the documentation you will be shredding before you either purchase a shredder or use one.


Shredders come in a range of different security levels, so many in fact it would leave you surprised! They aren’t all the same you know, although they might look it. This is the reason for some of the prices on shredders vary.



How do I know what shredder to use?

This is a question that will probably arise when I talk about this topic and it can be answered simply. It all depends on what you will be using it to shred.

Let me break it down for you…

There are 7 security levels. 1 being the lowest and 7 being the highest. If you are using the shredder for general use shredding such as shredding invalid documents, leaflets and brochures etc, then you will be better off with a security level 1 shredder. Security level 4 shredders are the ideal choice for all round shredding. They are perfect for confidential documents as well as general less important documents too, anything above security level 4 reaches towards the government and military services!

security shredders

For an in depth explanation of paper shredders security levels I would advise you to click here. This will cover everything there is to know about shredders security levels

What Is a Paper Shredder?

Have you ever wondered what a paper shredder is?

Are you looking to find out more information about paper shredders in general?

If this is the case then perfect! I can assure you that you are looking in the right place. This blog is the blog dedicated to paper shredders!


So the question I assume you are eager to know the answer of is…

What is a paper shredder?

A paper shredder is a device used to destroy paperwork into strips or tiny pieces in order for them to be disposed of safely. This is as brief as it gets but I know you want MORE! So lets break it down even further.


What does a shredder look like?

As far as looks go, shredders tend to look pretty much the same. They are usually black in colour, although colours do vary, they are usually pretty small and they are most commonly come with a detachable shredding device that sits on top of a waste bin that is integrated with the design. They aren’t the most attractive looking things but at least they get the job done, right?…


Why use a paper shredder?

Paper shredders have the ability to destroy important and confidential documentation so they are safe to dispose.


How do I know what paper shredder to buy?

This all depends on your overall purpose of the shredder. If it is general use it can be a low budget cross cut shredder with a low security level. If you have confidential information regarding yourself or a clientele then you should purchase a high security paper shredder.


Why stop at paper? 

A paper shredder can also shred more than just paper, it can shred staples, paper clips, floppy disks, CD’s and even bank cards!



For more in depth detail about paper shredders including the history of them please click here



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